The Greek word Telos is about purpose, what is the purpose of this blog and why bother blogging at all?

Here are my reasons leading to my Telos:

In my experience I see Christianity becoming increasingly irrelevant in the minds of those I care about but believe, in my heart of hearts, that it as relevant today as it ever was. I see the need for pastoring inside and outside of the church. That need is not being met by most pastors, in my experience, not due to a lack of desire to pastor but an inability to pastor. I trained in Glasgow Bible college with a double major one of which was Practical Theology. It did not equip me to pastor the needs of people particularly well.

Having spent over 45 years in Evangelical Christianity, I have experienced a varied set of traditions such as: Brethren, Baptist, Apostolic, Vineyard and Calvary Chapel. The pastors I met learned on the job through experience with little awareness of therapeutic structure or skill or technique. They knew what the Bible said but had little awareness of mental health or how the mind works. They did not have an effective methodology of how to apply the theology to the needs of the individual.

I have been a teacher for the past 20 years. Recently I trained as a coach and progressed onto NLP Master Practitioner in my capacity as an educator to aid me in meeting the needs of those I work with. It struck me how useful much of this training would be to Pastors in being able to be increasingly effective in Pastoring their congregations and communities that they live among.

The church has taken note of the advances in medicine and trusts the need for Doctors whilst also holding onto the effectiveness of prayer. This is a good thing. I believe that the church needs to catch up a bit when it comes to mental health. The increase in knowledge of how the mind works and effective processes that have been developed to affect change in the lives of individuals can supplement the important practice of prayer.

I have many great friends who work in the field of coaching and see that they are working with hearts of compassion to help people make many breakthroughs in their lives. They are well equipped for the here and now but not necessarily having knowledge or faith of the eternal nature of mankind.

I do hope that this blog might be a place where both areas of Christianity and NLP Coaching meet. The Telos, purpose or mission is for the worlds of NLP and Christianity to see where they can compliment each other. One final metaphor concerning both Christianity and NLP: when I eat chicken, I eat the meat and spit out the bones. Both Christianity and NLP have bones to spit out and meat for nourishment.

Here is to breakthroughs in life for all who visit this blog.

Slainte Mhath

The things I say on this blog are my own ideas and opinions. I am not representing any organisation, employer, denomination or group.


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