Parallel Universes

Woke up today from a strange dream with a strange dilemma. What if you found salvation in Christ but in a parallel universe another version of you did not find salvation in Christ. What would be the ultimate destiny of the individual? That is if parallel universes is even a thing. My first thought took me to God is out with time and does not change, He would therefore be the same in all parallel universes. Hold that thought.

I have not been well for quite sometime, that is why I have not blogged. I have been in and out of hospital and off work for some time. Post-surgery complications and chronic pain make it very hard to think or process any thought alongside medication in such high doses including morphine, epidural injections and a cocktail of other medications that you can barely construct a sentence verbally never mind written. The fact that I am attempting to blog shows that I am making vast improvements from where I was.

Another question I have in mind is when there are so many potential sources of healing, is it even possible to know where your source of healing comes from? I have had a huge amount of people praying for my healing, from individuals to online prayer request forums. I have as already mentioned had a lot of medical interventions from surgery, through to physiotherapy and medications external and internal. As well as that there has been the mindset which is what those who are into NLP are about. I have been working on optimising my mindset and have had some coaching from fellow Master Practitioners. Part of this is about having a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset. �

So what is a growth mindset vs a fixed mindset?

There are lots of info graphics out there that a google search will show up many more than this one here:

It is however a fascinating topic that helps explain why some people succeed at what they set their minds on and why others always seem to be struggling under a burden. I guess I am applying this to myself and getting better from what can floor a person to enable me to pick myself up from the floor.

Earlier I asked a question about the source of my healing, well I guess the answer to me is does it really matter as long as I get better? Well for me it is more than that and that answer does not quite cut it.

I believe that I am ill because God allowed me to become ill. I get this from reading the book of Job in the Bible where Satan had to ask permission from God to torment Job. This opens a can of worms that leaves more questions than answers such as why does God give permission? Why does Satan have access to God? Is this the case with all mishaps in life, are they caused by God giving Satan permission? With so many questions and so few answers I have to look for the question that matters to me which is, Is there something I can learn from being so ill that will help me to recover and help me in life when I recover?

I looked at the forgotten areas of my life and made 3 attempts to mend broken relationships. I mended 1 out of 3, the other 2 attempts got ignored so far. Did that bring healing to me, well it did bring spiritual healing to an old hurt that I locked away in my subconscious and it was great. I became aware of what I had in life to be grateful for and got a lot of focus in how to prioritise what matters. My values changed. So yes, I have learned a lot from being ill, so much so I can thank God for the illness as an opportunity to grow.

Image result for tall tree in prairy

Now when it comes to growing, you need to share your growth, there is no point in being the tallest tree in the forest looking at other tall trees in the distance surrounded by a waste land of stunted trees. Here is a private message I sent to a friend about my experience:

“There has been a significant values reshuffle because of what I have been through, a real sifting and clarity of what matters. People are way more important than any form of ambition. Selfish ambition and growth are not the same thing. To be a tall tree in a wasteland is no achievement and a waste of any life. Growth does not always have to be visible to others. I have grown in a way that cannot be achieved through effort or money, it can’t be bought or achieved. It can only be gained through continuing to be while going through a furnace. Much like how precious metals are cleansed of impurities in a crucible. This is challenging to articulate. I am much softer than the “me” you knew and he was soft. I am seeing my softness as a strength that I like about myself. What I am thinking is really hard to express. I feel like a new person, I am still me but a newer version of me that is purer and more refined than what was there before. I feel that I can see deeper and further than I could see before. In this way I am grateful for the level of pain and even its unrelenting nature. “

So back to the beginning thoughts on parallel universes. I guess it is easier if you think of it as twins. They can share the same genetics but have different mindsets. The initial though however was on eternal destiny. Does having a growth mindset guarantee you a place in the Kingdom of God? No, it does not; having a great growth mindset can help you here in the temporal world but it cannot assure salvation.

All Bible references will be from the 1611 King James

Ephesians chapter 2 verses 8 and 9:  For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:  Not of works, lest any man should boast.

So, from these verses a growth mind set does not guarantee Salvation but it will more than likely set many on a spiritual quest that may well lead to salvation. Salvation, a place in the afterlife, heaven, the Kingdom of God is a gift, it is not something we can earn by working hard. So glad this is the case as I am doubtful than any could earn it that the bar of sinlessness and perfection is a bar set too high for any. Imagine however it was lower, heaven would become some sort of meritocracy. It would inevitably have some sort of class system with some being more deserving than others.

Back to thje starting question: What if you found salvation in Christ but in a parallel universe another version of you did not find salvation in Christ. What would be the ultimate destiny of the individual?

I would need to ask the quantum me, the smarter version to answer that one. Maybe the answer is simple in that there are no parallel universes, if there are none then there is no dilema.

When I read the Bible, I see a growth mind set promoted in many ways. This is something I may well touch on in future posts. I believe the gap between this post and the next will not be as long as between this post and the last.

1 thought on “Parallel Universes

  1. Really thought provoking! Sometimes I wonder if I was separated between the good me and the bad me, which would I be? I have concluded I am the bad me, and Jesus is the good in me. That may seem sad/self-depreciating, but there is a joy in knowing that whatever good I have in me is divine. Whatever bad I have is of myself or the adversary, but the good is of God, which is a gift. I’m glad you are blogging again and hoping that others find your blogs as much of a resource as I do. God be with you in your refinement! 🙂

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